Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is T-Cab?

T-Cab is the first taxi hailing platform (mobile app) in Africa that allows passengers (riders) negotiate fares with partner drivers powered by Syrax Technologies.

What models of cars does T-Cab accept?

T-Cab currently accepts all car models from year 2000 and above. The car must conveniently seat three (3) passengers at the back with additional one (1) at the front seat. The car must be mechanically sound with clean interior, functional air conditioner and working audio system.

Does T-Cab share percentages or commission from partner drivers' earnings?

T-Cab does not share commissions or percentages from drivers. T-Cab only requires all partner drivers to subscribe with N5500 (Five thousand, five hundred Naira) monthly to be visible and accessible by riders registered on the platform.

Does a partner driver need to go for vehicle inspection?

Before T-Cab accepts a driver, inspection of the vehicle to be used on the platform is compulsory. This will be done by accredited inspection centres and comes with a non-refundable fee of N2000. The inspection centres are listed on our official website (

Is T-Cab Secured?

T-Cab ensures that security of both drivers and passengers is of utmost priority. All agreed trips are monitored by us. We always advised in the interest of drivers and passengers not to take rides outside of T-Cab. Note: T-Cab does not guarantee anyone’s safety on trips done outside our platform

How do I pay my monthly subscription?

Drivers can pay their monthly subscription through different available payment methods made available in their dashboards. That is, they have to login to their T-Cab accounts to make the payment. They will be activated upon confirmation of payment.

Will drivers pay subscription before they are visible by passengers on the platform?

Upon completion of vehicle inspection and final confirmation by T-Cab to be on the platform, T-Cab gives every partner driver free 30 days or one month subscription and subsequently subscriptions are charged as at when due. Note: One month is calculated based on date of activation and confirmation to be on T-Cab.

How many times does a passenger have to negotiate fare (price) per trip?

A passenger (rider) can only negotiate a trip two times. For instance, if you want to take a cab from Ikeja to Lekki on T-Cab and the rate (amount) of the trip has been displayed, the passenger has two chances to call different drivers to negotiate this trip. After the two chances, if your own price does not suite the drivers, you can start the whole booking process again or you proceed with our official rate.

How often does a driver need to inspect his/her vehicle?

Partner drivers on T-Cab must have their vehicles checked by accredited inspection centres every four (4) months. This is done to have efficient vehicles on our platform.

Is it compulsory for passengers to rate drivers after trips?

It is absolutely compulsory for passengers (riders) to rate drivers after every trip. They must rate before they end a trip.

What happens if a driver is reported for misconduct?

T-Cab does not condone misconduct. Depending on the gravity of the misconduct which will be determined by T-Cab managers, we have the power to suspend drivers without a refund.